Physics Unit 11 - Rotational Energy and Angular Momentum

High School, College, and AP Physics 1

This is the final course in our major unit covering rotational motion in which we cover rotational energy and momentum. We will be applying all of our underlying knowledge of mechanical energy and momentum here to rotating objects and systems. In this course you will see what factors effect how mechanical energy can transfer to and from rotational kinetic energy and how it is conserved in systems. One fun way in which we can do this is by taking various objects and racing them down controlled inclines to see how their attributes such as diameter, mass, and distribution come in to play. What would win a race down a hill? A bowling ball, tennis ball, or can of chicken soup? Believe it or not the answer is not as easy as you may think!

We will also cover in great depth how momentum of rotating bodies and systems can be analyzed and how we can connect our prior knowledge on linear momentum to rotation. What effects a system's rotational speed? How can a figure skater seemingly change rotational speeds just be moving their arms in and out? We will also explore what happens when a net torque is applied to a rotating system.

There is a lot involved in this course! Make sure you take good notes and work through all of the examples and worksheets!

Your Instructor

Corey Mousseau
Corey Mousseau

Corey Mousseau is a highly qualified classroom science teacher in New York State. He has been teaching physics and related courses in NY State for over 15 years.

Physics is often overwhelming for many students. Over the years Corey has mastered the art of exciting students into falling in love with this wonderful field of science. Through a blend of conceptual understanding, demonstrations, and quantitative analysis Corey has found the correct formula for engaging individuals into highly successful physics students.

Corey holds a degree in secondary education in physics as well as a master's degree in integrating technology in the classroom. He a high school Cross Country Coach, a Science Olympiad Coach, and a New York State Master Teacher. Corey has a lovely wife, two young boys, and teachers at Plattsburgh High School in upstate NY.

While at Plattsburgh High School (PHS) Corey has had the opportunity to teach many different courses which have all had a focus on excellence, rigor, and mastery.

Courses Corey currently teaches during the traditional school day:

  • AP Physics 1
  • AP Physics 2
  • NY State Regents Physics
  • AP Physics C: Mechanics
  • Robotics 1
  • Robotics 2
  • Science Olympiad

Corey has been a dedicated science teacher since he was 22 years old and has influenced countless students along the way. His students show him respect, admiration, and commitment and he provides them with the same. Ask any student at PHS - Mr. Mousseau cares and is more than willing to help you become the strongest physics student you can.

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